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The formative years are pivotal in shaping the future of your child.. Pre-schooling has surprisingly enduring benefits that last well into adulthood. They are the foundation for academic learning.
Little Wings is a platform where the child not only gets prepared for schooling, but also for life. Science has proved that most developments of a child takes place between 3-5 years of age and the right mentoring will help to excel in life.
Through independent exploration, structured activities and hands-on learning, preschoolers develop early literacy and social skills. Interacting with other children they learn how to listen, how to wait and how to take turn. A healthy dose of running, jumping and dancing keep them active too. The social skills are critical to a developing personality.
Our Preschool program, based on LEAP INDIA curriculum, enhances that confidence in him or her to make a place for them in this world.
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